Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Tutoring From a Business Perspective

Technology has improved significantly during the last 20 years to the point where it is now quite simple and cost-efficient to provide tutoring services online. Although many independent tutors and training companies view this as a favorable change in the industry it also poses many threats to existing businesses. Many articles look at the benefits and drawbacks of online tutoring from the perspective of the student – this article will explore this theme from the perspective of the tutoring business. Nachhilfe zuhause

Positive aspects

The of technology for online tutoring is most advantageous to new instructors or tutoring companies that are not yet founded available in the market. Online tutoring requires low start-up costs, it opens the tutor up to a much bigger market and offers more overall flexibility for scheduling. Let’s have a look at each of these advantages one at a time: 

More affordable barriers to entry

Although some independent tutors also have low start-up costs, if you are an individual tutoring company and decide to go the online course, you can avoid many of the expenses associated with establishing a traditional tutoring company. Traditional companies often require your workplace for administration or where individual tutoring takes place, marketing through local media, driving to meetings to possible clients, etc. Online tutoring companies do not require your office other than a home office of course do not require a building for teaching students. Internet marketing is lower cost and can be targeted more directly than traditional marketing, and speaking with clients can be done online or by phone. These low start up costs make it much easier for new businesses to get started on online.

Larger market

Traditional tutoring companies are limited by geography – they cannot cost-effectively help students outside of their geographic area due to time-constraints related to vehicles and the price tag on transportation. Pertaining to this reason, tutoring companies have much smaller marketplaces and can only enter in new markets by adding new locations. Online individual tutoring businesses do not face this limitation. They will reach anyone with an internet connection and the only real limitation is language. For this reason many individuals prefer to get started on an online tutoring company so that they can reach a much bigger market. This can be a very good strategy if your company shows a highly specialized subject matter that might not have enough people locally to support the business.

Tutoring companies can also hire instructors from a much much larger area and may be more successful to find top-quality teachers in those men they offer.


Online individual tutoring companies have more overall flexibility simply because they can choose to teach students in several time zones. Tutors that are just available to teach in the late evening can certainly teach students from a later timezone where it is afternoon. This will make it easier for independent tutors to fit their tutoring within their personal or work schedule.

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