Antique Furniture Shop – Ten Tips on How to Shop For Antique Furniture

As you antique furniture shop, you will find wonderful unique pieces that it will work with any style and home design… from rustic to country to sleek modern/contemporary. Yet , you need to be careful as there are loads of fakes and will not be in the market. The best way to avoid being convinced to buy an artificial or reproduction is to perform a little research first… impastatrici pane

Tip#1 Research and turn familiar with style/period titles of people you like best. Sellers categorize furniture generally by style ie: Even victorian, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Paillette XVI, and so out.. 

Tip#2 Visit the collectibles department in bookstores or look into the library for catalogs and reference material on your chosen style/period. The Internet is also a great source for information and pictures of numerous furniture styles.

Tip#2 Learn what the various conditions suggest, like bow front, busted pediment, reeded leg, and so forth You’ll most likely run into these conditions in antique goods, sales tags, advertisings and auction catalogs.

Tip#3 Examine the names (there can sometimes be multiple, with regards to the country) of the styles you like best. Retailers will usually classify their offerings by style – Louis XV, Queen Bea, Chippendale, and so on.

Tip#4 Make visits to museums and historic homes… actually seeing genuine vintage pieces in person will greatly help you to identify traditional pieces when you come across them in the marketplace.

Tip#5 Learn to recognize any feature that could have an effect on a piece’s value or authenticity such as problems for the surface or framework, or replaced hardware.

Tip#6 Become acquainted with classic dealers and visit an antique furniture shop to discuss your particular needs and interests. If they terribly lack what you’re looking for at the time, imagination mind that they have sources and affiliates in other areas of the region and world who can aid in finding the right piece for you. They will also help you recognize a real antique vs an imitation.

Tip#7 Visit auctions, and be assured of the best quality, select an auction house that will guarantee what it provides. Country auctions are a great option for anyone who is not looking for museum quality pieces. And, who is aware of… you could even find a real bargain, at that!

Tip#8 Check the newspaper and/or the internet for estate sales. You may find a family member at someone buy who can tell you something about the piece’s history.

Tip#9 Examine classic publications for ads, or search on the Net for antique furniture shows and flea markets that specialize in furniture.

Tip#10 Any desire you could have for perfection, in a bit of furniture that might be more than 100 years old, needs to be “checked at the door”. It really is normal, and appropriate, for genuine antique pieces showing signs of age with wear in expected places ie: chair arms, desk tops, bottoms of couch legs and underneath cabinet runners.

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