Fiberglass Pool Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you debating the purchase of a fiberglass pool? Well their popularity has certainly shot up in the past 10 years or so in the United States and this article will discuss the pros and cons to these types of swimming pools. 

Fiberglass Advantages:

Lower Maintenance: This is what originally spawned the fiberglass movement throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Swimming-Pool buyers, in general, want a pool that will be low maintenance in terms of chemicals as well as repairs down the road. Fiberglass fits this need better than any other pool structure.

Aesthetics: In their early stages, fiberglass pools were rather ugly, with white being the only finish available and exposed fiberglass coping edges. But with new mold innovations, colored finishes, and cantilevered concrete; fiberglass has come to rival the aesthetics of concrete pools. fiberglass pools

Long Term Cost: Because of their incredible longevity, the cost of a fiberglass pool, over its lifetime, is usually much less than a vinyl liner.

Resell: Because of their aforementioned benefits, fibreglass pools will often appeal to home buyers that normally would not have been interested in swimming pool ownership.

Fibreglass Pool Disadvantages:

Shape/Depth Limitations: The main drawback of a composite pool is that they typically don’t go deeper than 8′ and no wider than 16′. This does limit one’s ability to customize pool shape and depth.

Initial Price: For some customers, the initial price of fibreglass pools can be a drawback. When comparing a vinyl liner pool apples to apples with a fiberglass pool, the same package is normally about 4-9k higher for fiberglass. For some customers, especially the ones that are thinking in a short-term perspective, this difference can be too much.

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