Health Coach Training For a Healthier Life

Well being Coaching… getting your well being coach certification… is one of the speediest growing income opportunities both online and offline today. And here’s why:

As you look around, what do you see. Many of us are addicted to fast foods. Over a recent trip to my siblings place, a 7 hour journey, we counted a hundred and seventy-eight Fast Food outlets along the highway. Mind Body Method

I observed a statistic recently that claimed that 3 away of 4 people in the USA are either pre-diabetic or near it. Obesity is rampant. Possibly childhood obesity is widespread. Our food choices in many cases are high fat and highly unhealthy. We are actually digging our graves with our teeth. Health treatment costs are skyrocketing. Persons NEED good information of the health, and with a documentation in health coaching, you provides that to them! 

Look around at your own family, friends or people you work together with. Persons in their 40’s, fifties, and 60’s are starting to pay a serious price with illness and a compromised lifestyle. And these are generally people you know and love. Have you ever thought that It is possible to help these folks?

Very well, by becoming a qualified health coach… you can!

Health Coaching is one way we can invert this trend. People supporting people at the lawn roots level, one bad habit, one step at a time. People can be empowered to make smarter choices and have better health without having to get sick first. That may be just what health trainer training permits people to do individuals.

Health Trainer Training–The Difference Maker

Right here are 5 key reasons why people choose health coaching as an income generator for themselves.

you. Health Coaching makes a difference in peoples lives.

Can you imagine what it would think that to help someone you know or cared about, make a tremendous everlasting change in their life. How satisfying would that be. You now have work that changes people’s lives and you get to do that on the day to day basis.

2. Wellness Coaching — Change The Financial Picture

People choose health coaching as a way to significantly improve after their financial situation. The regular rate for a session ranges from $120/hr to $190/hr. A 15 hr week would make an extra 5 to $6, 000 a month income, an amount that would make a big big difference in most people’s lives. You can see how you could easily build this into a 6 figure income for yourself.

3. Health Coaching — A Transitional Career Decision

Many people will fit those 10 hours into their existing careers or jobs. People already in the health profession often see health coaching as a fairly easy fit with their current training and job. They may offer it as additional service to their existing clientele or build an in your free time caseload and earn extra money. Some put it to use as a transition from what they are doing now to a full time career that is more lucrative and worthwhile. Many health care careers are high stress, regular with mediocre pay with no job security.

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