How Does a Shiatsu Massage Differ From Traditional Massages?

If however, you stay in a major metropolitan area, chances are you have a few massage companies sprinkled of our own city. Perhaps you’ve even noticed them advertising ‘Shiatsu Massage’ on their store front window. Just what exactly is shiatsu therapeutic massage and are there any real benefits from it? Massage studio

Shiatsu massage was really introduced as early as 1912 and comes from Japan, where many other therapeutic practices and therapeutic methods also found their origins. 

The basic strategy used in shiatsu massage therapy is centered around making use of pressure to several points on the body using only your fingertips, palms, and especially the thumbs. This kind of type of massage is a lttle bit more firmer than the most commonly thought of technique called ‘Swedish Massage’, which uses more smooth, gliding and moving type strokes.

It is common to have your masseuse conduct a series of diagnostic touches to gain an understanding of how they can best correct any imbalances in the body. With this in mind, the immediate goal of shiatsu therapeutic massage should be to treat your body as a complete rather than just one specific area.

Shiatsu massage therapy is highly beneficial to the mind and body offering benefits as:

Increased blood flow and blood circulation
Increased flexibility
Reduced stress
Toxin release from your body
Reduction in pain from osteoarthritis
Deep muscle rest
Mental relaxation and reduced worries
Relief from several headaches
Promote treatment
Stop illness by upping your human body’s immune system
Many massage therapy studios offer blend remedy which includes a part of your session to include a variety of techniques such as shiatsu and Swedish massage. This kind of is a highly recommended route for many who have never experienced shiatsu as they can do a ‘side by side’ comparison.

Since always, it is influenced to directly communicate with your massage therapist your preferences and sensitivities and tolerance to specific levels of firm pressure. Tell them how you’re feeling so they can adapt consequently.

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