Impacts of Graphic Design Development on Teaching Graphic Design in the Arab World

I actually don’t firmly assume that the Arabic library contains sufficient books dealing analytically with Graphic Design that could support the Arabic colleges, with specialized art academies, and could be applied as special curriculum within the teaching plans of such academies. The Arabic library is condensed with other creative methodological books in association with some translated literature which discuss the principles of design, advertisement, and other issues that land within the framework of advertisement. we do graphic design

Truth be told that there is a short understanding of the great idea of Graphic Design. This kind of concept is not enough represented by advertisement and publicity or printing design because such specialization every se received little attention before the advent of computer to the Arabic World and the come back of unspecialized cadres surviving in the European countries and USA, who brought with them the superior technology and transferred it to us without defining their actual identity, academically and vocationally.

With the start of teaching this expertise, dependence in deciding the study plan was essentially on the educational personnel entrusted to teach such specialization. Some were isolated from the roots on this specialization and others considered that any person with a specialization in skill or architecture can play the role of coordinator. However after a careful review of the whole research plans in most Persia universities, we realized how unbalanced and, sometimes, inadequate such attempts were; they may have no discovered identity; 50 % of them were fine disciplines and the others undertaken one part of Image Design but of no grass root.

Any method for teaching Studio has to bear in it is priorities the promotion of imagination factor and target on the techniques and demonstration methods and their correlation with skill to permit the student with this specialization to benefit from this study- this should also include, however, not limited to, studying related knowledge such as Graphic Design and style background its theories to allow the scholars to apply what they learn to develop their own means of imagination and invention.

It is necessary to consider the needs of new students in Graphic Design and students who are expected to graduate by defining a systematic plan capable of little by little refining design students to permit them to acquire expertise and techniques.

First levels students need to be introduced to Graphic Design history, manual skills, and design concepts and techniques through the computer in order to develop their functions in designing and creating advertising campaign campaigns or integrated tasks that include logos, cards, Internet homepages and other materials, any graphic developer will be needing.

High level students need to be helped bring to the approaches that can produce their technological and intellectual skills as well as develop the innovation status through transporting out series of crucial projects in presenting their works totally and jointly. These approaches should be able to grant scholar enough space of positions sets they can sign up for through a group of specialties that fall under the umbrella of Video Design. All of this will not be provided without provision of galleries and labs qualified to do the role required in addition to cadres experienced technically and knowledgeably to realize the goals of Graphic Design. Studio syllabus relies, in its delivery, on the practical rule as well as on the theoretical one. Even more, it mentally qualifies and trains the student to manage the changes and the techniques of time as well as empowers him to deal with exactly what is to come as the extract of developed fields expertise related to Graphic Design with the necessity of connecting it with the traditional approach that is connected with cadres that really must be certified in order to be able to come up with the latest techniques info and knowledge.

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