Lawn Fertilization

You must fertilize your grass 5 fold per 12 months: early spring, spring, early on summer, late summer, and fall. Fertilizer Spreader Reviews

Early Spring

The first application is placed on around March. This app should help prevent pot grasses, like Crabgrass, from growing. 


Once the lawn really gets growing, it’s a good idea to incorporate another shot of nutrients. In addition, keep a be aware of weeds. Now is the time to find them while they are small. This kind of application is in May well.

Early Summer

Around the fourth of July you should perform another program. This application will give attention to getting grubs out of the lawn and adding another shot of nutrition.

Late Summer

Towards overdue August you should perform the late summer program. The lawn will need to have this additional application to preserve area and thickness.

Early Fall season

Fall fertilization helps the lawn rebound after the hot summer.

Late Fall season

Perhaps you have ever noticed that some lawns are really green in early springtime? This is because they had a fall fertilizer application. The fall fertilizer application allows the seed to maintain food in the roots for early spring.


For each vacation, you should apply one fertilizer application. For example, Memorial Day, Labor Time, and the Fourth of July. Many people choose to do three applications; rather than five. If this is the truth for you, holidays are a perfect way to keep in mind all applications.


Two wheeled drive spreaders (broadcast spreaders) are the best. They have a more uniform program than hand spreaders.

Equipment Stores and Garden Source Stores

Should you aren’t sure what application is as a consequence, just buy whatever are at the store at the time. They usually execute a good job keeping trail of what fertilizer is needed.

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