Nuclear Radiation Exposure and Anti Radiation Diet – Know Your Alternatives to Potassium Iodide (KI)

HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF FROM RAYS EXPOSURE IN THE FUNCTION OF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IN JAPAN OR EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE COMMUNITY SPREADING ON YOUR LOCATION. Naturally build your system’s defense to radiation & aid its elimination of radiation poisoning should you become exposed. venta de radiadores

Have a backup plan should thyroid gland protecting supplements such as Potassium Iodine (KI) be unavailable to you. Generally there are Potassium Iodide alternatives if needed in a pinch. 

Many people are wondering what they could do to shield themselves and their loved ones in case dangerous levels of light would be to migrate into their local areas.

There are two types of light, according to Lita Shelter, author of Radiation Safeguard Manual. They are ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The ionizing radiation is more damaging since it is of a higher energy than non-ionizing radiation and produces charged particles called ions, either negative ions (the good “guys”) or positive ions (the bad ones). Ionizing radiation is manufactured from nuclear bombs, indivisible reactors, medical and oral x-rays, and is the sort of radiation used to irradiate food. The non-ionizing rays includes electromagnetic radiation manufactured by electric current, radio ocean, microwave ovens, radar areas, television set (cathode ray tube), video display terminals (VDT’s) computers, high voltage lines, infrared and fluorescent lamps, and sunlamps (e. g. tanning booths which give off ultraviolet light).

Potassium Iodide (KI)

Most are reading about potassium iodide being passed out in Japan because of radiation levels. Potassium iodide may protect just the thyroid gland against exposure to radioactive iodine that happens when rays levels increase. KI will probably not help with radiation damage in other parts of the body.

The FDA has approved two different kinds of KI – tablets and chemical – that folks can take by mouth after having a nuclear radiation urgent. Tablets come in two strengths, 130 milligram (mg) and 65 mg. The tablets are scored so they might be cut into smaller pieces for lower amounts. Each milliliter (mL) of the oral liquid solution contains 65 mg of KI.

According to the FDA, the following dosage are appropriate to take after internal contamination with (or likely internal toxins with) radioactive iodine:

Men and women should take 130 magnesium (one 130 mg gadget OR two 65 magnesium tablets OR two cubic centimeters of solution).
Women who are breastfeeding should take the adult dose of 130 mg.
Children between 3 and 18 years of age should take 65 mg (one 66 mg tablet OR one particular mL of solution). Kids who are adult size (greater than or identical to 150 pounds) should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of era should take 32 magnesium ( 1/2 of the 66 mg tablet OR half of mL of solution). This kind of dose is for both nursing and non-nursing children and children.
Newborns from birth to 1 month old should be given 16 mg ( quarter of a 65 magnesium tablet or 1/4 milliliters of solution). This dosage is for both nursing jobs and non-nursing newborn babies.
The protective effects of a dose of KI is approximately 24 hours. KI is available with out a health professional prescribed, and a pharmacist can sell you KI brands which may have been approved by the FDA

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