Recording Acoustic Guitars – an Essay on the Importance of Acoustic Treatment of the Recording Space

Going through one internet music recording forum after another (as I often do) is certainly illuminating. The multitudinous posts from zeal recordists enquiring from the experts which microphone, preamp, soundcard, converters, compressor, FREQUENCY, reverb – blah, blah, blah – is better than another have an extremely dulling effect on my sensibilities before too long. And in fact, I’ve begun to make somewhat of a hassle of myself at one or two places by interjecting with a suggestion that the poster look to the room before he batters his credit card in the wish that some sparkling new high-end “professional” piece of gear will solve all his recording issues. Often the repost returns proclaiming that the initial cacher is a hobbyist and it is not aspiring to achieve professional results – so why don’t I just back off and let the guy/gal spend his or her money just how that they sees fit? That’s all very well, but it doesn’t gainsay the reasonable flaw in spending around $2k on gear if a similar amount – or much less with somewhat of research and DO IT YOURSELF – on some traditional acoustic remedying of the recording space would acquire a complete different order of improvement. microphone for recording acoustic guitar

At this point We should perhaps confess that it took about a year for me to reach the same bottom line. There’s no question a sexy new microphone with a price tag to suit is appealing than buying bags of vitamin wool slabs, or even proprietary, pretty looking, reasonable treatment products. I should also admit i do read a whole whole lot online about ways and means, materials and products, and earnest debates between the experts – not every uncontroversial – before My spouse and i felt confident about doing something to fix the issue in my own place. 

Most – almost all – of what I have learned I use learned through advice readily given by experts on internet forums concerned with recording studio construction and acoustics. There are some wonderful step-by-step instructions away there how to make excellent DIY acoustic treatment solutions that are about as effective as, and at cheaper cost of, commercial products. Additionally, there are in depth explanations available on what causes problems encountered when recording acoustic instruments in small(-ish) rooms – a rudimentary understanding of which is essential to tracking down solutions for your own particular room.

Following some of that advice has lifted a veil from my recordings and has enabled me to supply professional sounding projects creating a COMPACT DISC – and sales! And so I won’t apologise now for my evangelising about the topic whenever My spouse and i get the chance – such an improvement has acoustic treatment designed to my own assignments.

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