See 7 ideas from small balconies enclosed with glass to inspire your design

Traditionally, the Brazilian balconies were influenced by the Portuguese references, and they brought a closing style that gave privacy and luminosity to the environment.  In past centuries, this was a part of the house dedicated to the vigil, being much used by women: for a long time, the porch was the place where they could see the movement of the street and be seen publicly. Nowadays, the way the balconies are used has undergone drastic transformations, as well as the main features of this space – it has gained gourmet versions and full of comfort and refinement.  Closing the balcony with glass is an excellent alternative to take advantage of this environment in the best possible way, giving greater security, protection and style to the property. The envidraçamento de sacada or balcony can be done in both large and small spaces, just by hitting the choices of each detail. With that in mind, we separated 7 amazing ideas from small glass enclosed balconies to make your projects even more inspiring. Check out: Inspiring ideas of small balconies closed with glassAbuse of the greenNothing better than enjoying the natural light provided by the glass on the balcony to fill the living space and green.  The plants on the porch are a great request for anyone who wants to escape from the gray of the cities and create a unique and distinctive environment. Plants can be chosen according to the lifestyle of their residents: for those who do not have the time, for example, the ideal is to choose vessels and species that do not need much water and special care.  For those who like to lead a healthier life, on the other hand, it is possible to bet on small gardens, while those with limited space can bet on a vertical garden on the porch. 


Build a Zen Space

Want a space to forget the problems and enjoy the beauty of life? Glass is the perfect partner for light or translucent furniture and colorfulaccessories, withmandalas, flowersormotifs that remind the cosmos.

Dining room with a special view

Enjoy the transparency of the glass to stretch your home by turning your balcony into a dining room. For this, choose a table in the right size to accommodate your best friends and family, plus a shelf to facilitate the time to serve.

Create a place to relax

How about setting up a specific space to relax, have a hot tea and enjoy the reading? To do this, simply place a comfortable furniture to sit on, such as an armchair or a bench with cushions, a rug and colorful and modern accessories.

Bet on romanticism

If the glass enclosed balconies face the city’s most beautiful sunset, it’s not worth spoiling this view. Enjoy to put a flirt, friendly comics and install a wooden base with shelves to place colorful flower vases.

Barbecue grill

If the project is thought of who does not give up a party at the end of the week, glass enclosed balconies can be the perfect place for that barbecue with friends and family. In addition to the barbecue, you need to think about a space to put the skewers and a small table to taste the goodies.

Place to receive friends

Another good idea to take advantage of the glass enclosed porch is to turn the place into a space to greet your friends. For this, the balcony needs to be wide enough to ensure the placement of sofas or armchairs and a table. Then, just put on a comfortable rug and end with elegant plants.



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