Some Tips to Maintain Your Google Rankings

You might see tons of articles on different methods to improve your Google search positions but not many ways to keep up them. Although both will pretty much use the same techniques. Yet one thing you have to keep in head is if you are sitting at #1 for virtually any search term you are actually quite vulnerable to losing that spot. In this article Ill discuss main reasons why people lose their #1 position in Google and always some ways to prevent this from happening. rank tracking api

Having the #1 location for any search term in Google can be worthwhile particularly if 2 weeks. search term that you have worked very to achieve. This is why it will be important to maintain that spot, it could be depressing to lose the top of the Yahoo ranks even though you failed to continue your time and efforts. You may see many website owners who have worked hard on reaching the #1 spot on the internet, then once they have achieved this some webmasters could get lazy and reduce their efforts to give attention to other terms. In some ways this can be the way to go, for example if you are in the first area obviously it would be nice to get two keywords ranked, so they may focus their work on another keyword. In the event that doing this it is necessary to not completely stop your link building efforts for the keyword that is currently #1.

One way to check if other webmasters are looking to knock you from the top position is exploring your keyword on a weekly basis to see the type of new links are being made with your keyword, this way you will be able to see who is trying to take on you and you will at least match their efforts. Inside my view the easiest way to keep your rankings up is by creating new content as often as possible targeting your key word and using links with that anchor text.

To put it succinctly you should never feel too comfortable when having the top of the rankings, I see too often sites fighting over the top positions and swapping spots. You have to take good thing about having all the extra traffic and hopefully that income which comes with it and build additionally on it. There is also some great Best seo software that will make your job easier monitoring keyword rankings and opponents, I will not give anyway in this article but you can Look online around. This software can keep program your key phrase rankings and even your competitors.

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