The Bible Speaks to Me

At first when I was a new Christian, I read the bible as though it was a book a simple books which We used to see in the past. No one advised me the bible could speak to me. Zero one introduce me to the bible as a spirit filled book that can speak to me practically. It was a little while until a while before the bible chatted to me, something like 2 years. Yes, the bible speaks. This can be an invisible truth. Many Christians do not experience the scriptures speaking to them in their present situation. When ever I first came to the Lord, I experienced five crises. It was devastating; my entire world and life views came up crashing down. Exactly what I actually had built based on my understanding did not go as planned. The only thing that helped me was my early on childhood contact with God. My spouse and i was schooled in a Presbyterian Mission school. That gave me the basic reassurance that when we interceded to Jesus he would answer us. Noach

They failed to teach me that the bible could converse with me personally. The bible is in and it speaks to you. For those who do not feel that this is something special, I was now proclaiming this simple fact to you. If perhaps you fail to gain access to God directly, your only hope is to study the bible. And before you open the bible, hope and speak to it, asked that you available to the right pages so that God can converse with you through the words therein. This is not hocus-pocus; God will guide you to the very pages that he shall get started to speak to you. Nothing could happen by chance, unless God has ordained it, no event can take its place without the permission from God. This is Real truth.

Matthew 7: 7King Wayne Version (KJV)
7 Question, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; bump, and it shall be opened unto you:

The very best surprise that God can give to the person is his active Rhema Word. The Rhema word is an active word from the voice of the Master. The bible is the Logos word of The almighty, unless it is quickened by the Spirit of the Lord, it remains a static word not only a Rhema. That means the word is not in season. The Rhema is the Spirit filled season word that will express its intended meaning. That contains the creative electricity of God to express blessings. For most people their ears have not been opened spiritually so the best and easiest way God can contact them is through the bible verses. I do not mean the trademarks and also the static word, My spouse and i mean what that will stick out of the bible and confer with your spirit man. This touches your soul and your heart literally. You will feel it chatting to you in your specific situation when you seek the Lord’s answer truly. Jesus said, “My words are spirit and they are life”.

John 6th: 63New International Version (NIV)
63 The Spirit provides life; the flesh is important for nothing. What I actually have spoken to you-they are packed with the Soul and life.

The words in the bible is actually a spirit stuffed media of God, it is called the Fact. Reality is a spirit, and those who seek after it shall find it, and gain wisdom. Perception means to understand the true situation also to take action relative to the counsel of God. God’s Rhema expression produces the power to manifest his ultimate judgement in your specific situation. With out the Rhema word, your situation will remain unrevised. Only God’s word from his own mouth can cause your situation to change. His word will never return to him in void, it will always produce the impact as he has delivered it. That is why God seldom speaks.

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