Women’s Hair Loss Treatment – A Closet Secret Or the New Botox?

Less complicated naive to think the biggest secret women in the UK keep from their husbands is new shoes. Many keep their hair loss problems in the closet too. Hair Loss Treatment

This may be surprising but hiding new shoe acquisitions at the back of the wardrobe or under the bed or cheating over a partner is so yesterday – when it comes to one of the biggest secrets UK women are trying to hide from their partners, partners and boyfriends.

“One lady in her early on thirties came to her first two appointments for baldness treatment and then threatened not to come back ever again unless My spouse and i provided a back door access to enter the clinic. She was anxious and adamant she would not want her spouse to find out she was shedding her hair and did not want to risk someone recognising her coming into the clinic just in case they told him! ”

“I offered to send her hair reduction treatments in the post direct alternatively but your woman was too scared just in case he opened up the parcel. She now sends her friend in regularly to pick up her hair thinning treatments”, shows a Trichologist.

Women seeking help and professional advice for hair thinning problems is the new hidden purchase most females want to keep ” inside info ” from their other half’s. In frustration, women are going to extremes to avoid being seen with their Trichologist.

One in three women, over the age of 16 suffer hair damage in the UK at some time in their lives – the most frequent era ranging from 25 to 45-year old.

Mrs Salter from the West Midlands said “I applied for credit cards especially to pay for my baldness treatment bills, so my hubby wouldn’t see the Trichology clinics name on our joint bank claims. ”

“It is like having an affair but with my Trichologist”, the girl adds.

Trichology is a professional field under-exposed and which few people are familiar with, although it has been around since 1902 in the united kingdom. The professions name stems from the ancient Ancient greek language work Trikhos meaning locks and is thought as the ‘Science of scalp and hair in health insurance and disease’. It’s no wonder; women are finding it so easy to conceal their embarrassment from other partners to hide their hair reduction treatments.

There are less than 50 full time Trichologists in practise across the UK who skillfully advise on hair reduction problems and scalp related issues in both men and women. Problems Trichologists can fix include; Alopecia Areata & Totalis, Diffuse Curly hair thinning, Female Pattern Hair thinning, Telogen Effluvium, Seborrhoeic Hautentz√ľndung, Scalp Eczema & Psoriasis, Seborrhoea, Scalp Itching and Hair Breakage & Destruction.

Is women’s baldness treatment the new Botox? When ever botox was first launched in the early 1980’s it was an unsaid whisper between females who wanted a treatment or cure for wrinkles. Nowadays, women are almost very pleased to admit they have popped out to get their latest Botox shots or just a little chemical remove in their lunch hour. So will treatment for women’s hair loss at any time be accepted as matter of conversation on a girls night out or between girlfriends and their husbands? Or are girl going to continue to go to extreme measures to cover up their relationship with their trichologist?

Hopefully the day will come when women are proud to grace a Trichologists office and become available about their hair reduction treatment with loved ones and partners.

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